Fitness Tips

Fitness Tips

Below we have compiled a list of fitness tips that may help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Fitness Tips for Health WelnessFitness Tips for Your Core

Sit Ups or Crunches Fitness Tips

There are a lot of opinions about whether sit ups or crunches should be part of an exercise routine or not. Our fitness tip is not really around whether you should do them but instead, if you do, best practices for proper safety and maximum effectiveness.

  • Sit ups do increase range of motion and build abdominal muscles
  • Never anchor your feet, this can result in a neck injury
  • Using a Swiss ball can increase the effectiveness of the motion
  • Never place your hands on your head, it often results on overuse of your neck and back muscles instead of your abdominals

Fitness Tips for Your Back

  • Don’t wrap your thumb around the bar of weights poles or bars. Put your thumb up above by your index finger. This takes the arm muscles out of the picture so your back has to work harder.
  • If you sit in a chair all day for work, your shoulders may begin to round due to the constant hunching over your desk or computer. Realign your spine using a rolled towel. Lie in crunch position placing the towel horizontally under your mid-back. Now using good technique, perform your normal crunches to strengthen your pack and realign your spine.

Fun Fitness Tip: Do you dread the idea of getting up early and going for that early morning jog, or to a sweaty gym? Then don’t do them. Do something that you love doing, which will keep you motivated and keep you at it regularly. Me, I just put on some energetic music and get into a high-energy aerobic-cum-callisthenic workout.
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