Pole Dance Classes

Pole Dance Classes Richardson TexasPole Dancing is Not What You May Think

If you are looking for a way to add fun to your exercise routine while improving muscle tone and definition, increasing flexibility, and conditioning your entire body, then consider taking Pole Dance Classes. Our Pole Dance classes are designed to improve confidence and encourage you to challenge yourself through dance and movement. E-mail us to see how you can attend your first class free.

Prerequisite: All fitness levels welcomed

More About Pole Dancing & Pole Dance Classes

Pole Dancing or what some call Pole Fitness or Exotic Dance classes, is both a mental and physical exercise that works your entire body and builds flexibility, tones your muscles and empowers you as a woman. Our new facility in Richardson offers Pole Dancing classes that are tasteful, fun and not what you may think. Celebrities, young and old women of all shapes and sizes have tried and fell in love with Pole Dancing.

Pole Dance Classes Can be an Intense, Fun Workout

We help all students discover their own comfort level, flexibility and strength to ensure your workout is fun, safe and increases your self confidence, all while building flexibility and string muscles. If you are looking to lose weight, improve your relationship., find a form of self expression or just looking for overall empowerment, Pole Dance classes may be just the thing. We will help you step by step! You don’t need dance experience! We ensure all women will experience a class that leaves you feeling sexier, more elegant, and fit!

Pole Dance Classes Provide Fitness to the Core

Pole dance classes can be an excellent way to build your core muscles. Many of the moves and positions you can attain on a pole build major and minor muscle groups, especially in your core, or mid-body muscles, such as your back and stomach.

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