Bollywood Classes in Richardson Texas

Bollywood classes in Richardson TexasBollywood Classes in Richardson Texas

When you attend Bollywood classes, although you may not choose to wear customary, traditional dress, you will want to wear loose fitting clothing and comfortable shoes. Bollywood dancing is not only exotic, it is exciting and fresh, helping you achieve your fitness goals without even realizing it. It is so much fun, you won’t want it to end. It is fun and incorporates a variety of styles from Indian culture, including classical dance, funk style dancing and folk dancing. The movements are fluid and easy, however, your body is achieving health and fitness at the same time.

Bollywood Classes Come in Different Styles

Often taken in a group setting, Bollywood dancing classes come in many styles that vary. The most popular style or type is called Bhangra, which is a folk dance originating from Northern India, in a city called Punjab. Bhangra is a lot like Latin dancing, with string driving rhythms and beats and allows you to get a great workout while having a great time. Using major and minor muscle groups, you can burn a lot of calories, therefore losing weight and become very fit if you take classes regularly. Bollywood classes are so fun, you forget you are even working out!

Check out the video to see a style of Bollywood dance. If it looks fun and something you may consider, feel free to stop in and check out our Bollywood classes in Richardson Texas, we’ll even give you a free class! Call us today and ask us for one class free.

Fitness benefits of Bollywood Classes

Dance exercise is an exceptional way to stay in shape or lose weight and Bollywood classes are no exception. There are many benefits to this type of fitness, including:

  • Increase your balance, coordination and rhythm
  • Increase your aerobic exercise by increasing
  • Relieving stress and tension
  • Toning your body
  • Increasing your good mood

Key styles of Bollywood dancing

There are many different styles of Bollywood dancing, Banghra being the most popular. Here a couple more styles that are common:

  • Classical Bollywood dance
  • Kathak dancing

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